Since the start of my Dubai excursion, I must hear about Desert Safari Dubai. A lot of people around advised heading to this to the weekend. , and becoming used to program. So first two weekends, I invested in the Hotel room, settling down and solidifying the job scope, boundaries & instruction materials.

 Everything concerning the job was apparent, and that I was prepared to head out n enjoy. I opted to catch the first chance; this weekend has been long. I rested on the first day. Second evening morning, I awakened the travel agent’s office and reserved the safari seat. I had been waiting till afternoon because Safari was scheduled to start at 4 pm. Taking a look at the Car itself, I figured my excursion was likely to be among the best traveling adventures I’d had. Adventure in Dubai

We began our journey after completing the” introduction service” with every other. Being first to be picked up, I’d grabbed the front chair at Land cruiser, which afterward proved to be the very best place in Safari. With a front seat, you have the large clear perspective of the desert facing you along with the best opportunity to shoot video along with superior pictures of different cars in “cafila,” too. Additionally, you get a chance to interact with the motorist readily to learn more wherever required.

What’s the title of this place?” Mohammed could talk okay English, maybe excellent. Lehbab desert was the title of this place we were seeing.

It was a little break of 10 minutes in base camp with this particular tour organizer, where approximately ten property cruisers got together to begin the true DESERT RIDE. The tire pressure of automobiles was decreased to cope up with all the softness of the sand.

The Land cruiser began cruising in the desert against immense opposition being made from the softness of sand. Shortly the massive machine picked up higher speed with its durability, and we had been flying on desert sands up and down, on little n large waves, diving deep in the top of the waves and scaling up little sandhills. It was a completely wonderful experience, together with a little bit of excitement. The one thing I missed could not push the machine!

Soon we reached the desert hotel where dinner and belly dancing series were organized. Kahwa is a type of black coffee. I being java freak appreciated 4 – 5 cups of Kahwa w/o sugar 2 hours interval. People began relaxing a little and moved to Mehandi and” SASHA.” Sasha is a standard Arabian flavored smoking pipe very similar to Indian HUKKA.

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After an hour, Arabian style broiled meat and poultry kebab were served together with some Indian veg meals. I was amazed to observe that the limiting utilization of Indian food within western and western Arabian food.

Half an hour passed, people were relaxing after dinner, along with Belly Dancer’s birth was declared and in a flash, before people would begin to comprehend what is occurring; the belly priest came on stage wearing glowing red Arabian belly lawsuit, and she actually took the stage by storm.

After storming the point nonstop for nearly 20 minutes, then the belly dancer quickly disappeared from the point how she’d come; at a flash.


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