The camel — recognized as the boat and maybe even lifeline of this desert — has long been regarded as a sign of the UAE’s pride and prosperity. During history, camels functioned as an efficient transportation system, along with its importance as a trustworthy supply of milk and food. Bedouins also gave it such as a bride’s dowry. Actually, Emirati’s relationship with camels is longstanding, along with also the Racing Festival is one of many events that have been organized to honor the nation’s unique heritage.



As mentioned previously, camel racing is deeply entrenched in the nation’s culture and tradition. Included in this event, many different shows representing the area’s cultural traditions and folklore are also organized.


A Traditional nonetheless Professional Sporting Event

Since early times, camel racing has been a favorite racing game in the UAE. Previously an inevitable part of weddings in addition to festivities, it turned into a professional sporting event together with the discovery of petroleum in the 1960s. Attended by thousands of camel owners and race fans from across the UAE in addition to other Middle Eastern areas, the 12-day extended annual event’s major highlight is over 10,000 professionally trained camels of different ages and breeds, competing in over 300 races. The winning camels eventually walk off with several jaw-dropping prizes such as money awards worth millions of dirhams in addition to luxury automobiles.


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Robotic Jockeys:

To supply a new dimension to this sporting event and require it into a completely new level, several revolutionary technological and technological improvements have been deployed in recent decades — the notable being autonomous jockeys that mostly gained significance because of the statement of ban of using children under 15 as jockeys by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan in the early 2000s. Along with the vibrant blankets, a small robotic jockey is connected to the camel’s hump, which can be steered by the operator or coach driving in automobiles along the race tracks. 


Venue & Organizers

It’s usually held each February or March at Al Marmoom Camel Racetrack or Al Lisaili Racetrack, located off the Dubai — Al Ain E66 Road.



Even though it’s opened to all and also the entrance to the racetrack is totally free, it’s vital for the audiences to adhere to specific regulations and rules. By way of instance, the use of this camera is illegal in the racetracks.

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