Camel Trekking Dubai and Camel Riding in Dubai

Camel Trekking Dubai and Camel Riding in Dubai

A dromedary is nothing short of a valuable asset for the Arabs owing to its deep coalition with the desert.

Have you ever pictured riding a camel in the realms of the desert?

In recent times, the role of the camel as a beast of burden has reduced drastically owing to the advancement in technology but still, it is used for the sake of entertainment by the tour operators. It is one of the most enjoyable activity for tourists.

Sunrise camel ride Dubai has been around since the 2nd century BC when it was used in the times of war. This royal animal is still famous for racing in the Arab world where the rich use it for amusement.


Often people mistake dromedary with all the species of the camel.


The truth is, the pure species of dromedary is not seen roaming around in the world. Arabian dromedaries are used for domestic purpose now.

These are powerful animals. Especially the ones that are used for riding are long-legged and robust. Walking on rough terrain is not a challenge for them; neither is walking on a cold surface.
There is a variety of gait in the camel ride. The slowest walk is about 4 km/h while they jog at 10 km/h. Fastest a camel can go varies from 9 km/h to 12 km/h. But canter can exhaust the camel and the animal would require to stop every minute.

The camel owners have special affection with the animals as they are not trained for riding until they reach at the age of three. You get to learn all about it during your Sunset Camel Trekking Dubai as the safari guides brief you about owning a camel.

Camel Riding – A Nobel Ride

Camels have been long associated with the Arab’s way of life. It was used as a means of transport by Bedouin.

You can visit the Camel Market if you go on an Abu Dhabi City tour. An atmosphere that gives you an insight into how the Bedouin used to deal when it came to buying and selling these loved animals.

Traverse the long miles of desert on the back of these beautiful creatures that give you a bumpy ride in the seamless stretch of the dunes. Camel Riding in Dubai has been a popular adventure that lures tourist to this part of the world.

Even if you are a beginner, the safari guides help you understand the basics of riding a camel. The hump you see on the back of a camel allows it to survive for a long time without the need for food and water. Its strong and tall legs help it to walk effortlessly in the soft dunes of sand.

Camel Trekking Dubai is an activity that children love to enjoy in the wild. The perched view of the desert is an attractive and thrilling experience.

Traveling to the long miles of desert, riding a camel is a fun way to explore the corners of the desert.

A Few Thing to Remember While Riding a Camel

Speaking from personal experience, there are some things that you should be aware of while riding a camel;

Wear comfortable and loose clothes

Always approach the camel from the side (Don’t make any sudden moves)

Quickly mount over the hump, use your momentum as a guide

Don’t sit straight, instead lean backward as the camel is standing

Sway with the camel

Tip: Do not ever try to control the camel because they don’t listen to anyone except their owners.

Camel Trekking Dubai and Camel Riding in Dubai

A couple of tour operators that offer the best experience of camel riding include; Sunrise Camel Ride Dubai , Best Dubai Trip and Adventure in Dubai.


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