Best Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Perhaps because Bedouin lived in the years when Dubai was nothing more than a small fishing village, surrounded by the fascinating Arabian Desert, they find it easy surviving in the desert.

Born right on the sand, this vibrant and extravagant city in constant evolution offers world-record skyscrapers (not only Burj Khalifa), luxurious beaches, and massive shopping centers, all in the desert dunes.

It was unthinkable for me to visit Dubai and not take a ride with an off-road vehicle on the dunes since, from the extravagant luxury of the city to the beauty of the desert, it takes about an hour.

I will never forget the day when I enjoyed the splendid experience of desert safari Dubai, one of the most carefree in my life, as well as full of emotions.

I booked the excursion directly to Dubai, without any problem, at the local agency Rayna Tours & Travels for 60 euros. All agencies offer more or less the same program.

Dubai Camel Ride and Desert Activities

The tour includes a 4 × 4 jeep safari, camel riding in Dubai, belly dance show, henna tattoo, Arabian coffee and tea tasting, dinner at will. The organization assures you “withdrawal” from the hotel around 3 pm and returns around 10 pm. I must say that they are exact and kind.

Climbed onto the jeep directly below the hotel, we headed towards the desert and arrived at a meeting point, where other cars, about thirty, from the same company were waiting for us, all lined up to start their journey on the dunes

As the tire pressure went down, the driver got up to me. From the attentions I received, I realized that I could have found a husband.

As soon as they left, it seemed to be on a roller coaster, with the reckless driver imitating a rally driver, very adept at driving. Parabolic curves and jumps, followed by descents to scream, endless swings, adrenaline, and speed. Pure fun (fear). Thank goodness I had eaten very little for lunch, as I felt like I was in a blender.

I had the impression of being part of a romantic and solitary painting.

Stop for photos in a strategic place with a breathtaking view, this immense expanse of red sand that is lost on the horizon has left me speechless.

The almost disarming silence of this beautiful corner of the world, where a slight wind had risen, made me feel a romantic feeling of freedom. Sitting on a dune, I took off my shoes to feel the hot desert under my bare feet. It was wonderful.

We continued the excursion going towards a Bedouin village, where a typical dinner was waiting for us, accompanied by a traditional belly dance show, performed by a “local” dancer from Eastern Europe. It was full of tourists of all nationalities with delighted faces, waiting to take a ride on the dromedary, a henna tattoo, or to taste good Arabic coffee.

We are all the same, and we have fun the same way. I, too, enjoyed a camel ride in Dubai, which is higher than it seems.

I have to admit, out of all the experiences that I had in the desert, the Dubai camel ride most enchanted me.

After the Thrilling Adventure of Camel Riding in Dubai

A sea of ​​red waves tormented by the wind, which I observed with sensitivity.

Finally, the sunset that I was waiting for has arrived, one of the most romantic ever seen. I will never forget that sky that reached beyond the horizon. I was struck by its slowness, times, and its colors.

As soon as the immense moon rose from behind the dunes, the evening breeze arrived quickly. Looking up at the sky, I had a carpet of stars in that night-blue sky. Even if romance does not belong to me, thinking back on this experience, these words come to me spontaneously.

Eating sitting on a rug in front of the stage, I enjoyed the evening, watching the great artists perform, laughing with the Iraqis at the next table. Finding the driver, after the show, was not so easy, since he was among a crowd dressed in white sheets, all the same. He finally found us, leaving for the hotel.

I didn’t know I loved the desert, now I’m aware of the fact that there lies an entirely different part of the city which you can enjoy apart from the Dubai city tour.




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